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Cities and Villages


Ommen, located in the heart of the Vechtdal, is a beautiful Hanseatic city with a rich history and vibrant center. The historic center of the city and the village character make Ommen a cozy and idyllic place on the Vecht. In the center you can shop in various shops and ateliers. There is a wide range of restaurants and nice terraces.

Photographer: Greg Theulings

Photographer: Rogier van den Berg


Dalfsen is a village on the river Vecht and is known for the bridge with the blue bows and the ‘floating rock’. There is a lot of attention for nature and culture in Dalfsen. Dalfsen was previously declared the Greenest Village and Greenest Small Town. There are nice shops, boutiques and restaurant. The still functioning windmill with accompanying farm shop is also worthwhile to visit.


The Hanseatic city Zwolle is the capital of the province of Overijssel. Zwolle has a historic city center with many attractions such as Museum ‘de Fundatie’ and Waanders in the Broeren, restaurants, cozy terraces, a monumental city center and of course plenty of opportunities for a night out, such as theater Odeon de Spiegel. Zwolle is also a nice city to go shopping. The city center contains many large and small shops and has something for everyone.

Photographer: Zwolle Marketing

Photographer: Aukeline Minnema

Staphorst / Rouveen

Located in the Reestdal is the beautiful municipality of Staphorst. Old traditions are still honored here. You will find traditional costume and beautiful farmhouse in the typical colours of Staphorst: green and blue. Enjoy the unique landscape around Rouveen or the mystique of the Reest at IJhorst. In the summer, there are three wednesdays with a fair, demonstrations of old crafts and costume shows. Staphorst grinds to a halt on Sundays and it’s best not to visit on this day.


The medieval fortified town of Elburg in the province of Gelderland is definitely worth a visit. Within the walls of the old fishing village time seems to have stood still. You walk through the medieval city gate into the charming Hanseatic city. Getting lost is almost impossible: the street plan is straightforward in this former fishing town.

Photographer: Gijs Versteeg Fotografie

Photographer: Bas Silderhuis and Crhis Waarlo


Deventer is a Hanseatic city on the river IJssel and one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Stroll through the authentic streets along unique shops, unusual galleries and fine spots for a bite to eat and drink. Deventer is a lively city with a monumental atmosphere where the famous Dickens Festival is held for a reason. The city is also recommended for shopping because of the many nice boutiques.


Giethoorn, located in National Park Weerribben-Wieden, is an idyllic village in Overijssel where countless thatched farms are built on small islands that are connected with 170 wooden bridges. It is very nice to walk around in this village because no cars can come here. But the best way to explore Giethoorn is by means of a whisper boat or a s called ‘punter’.

Photographer: Savannah Nijkoops