An Anglers Paradise

Fishing at Resort de Arendshorst

Fishing on the Vecht

Resort de Arendshorst is a true paradise for fishermen due to its unique location directly on the river Vecht. The more than 900 meters long river bank of Resort de Arendshorst on the Vecht offers excellent opportunities for various types of fish.

The Overijsselse Vecht has a huge variety of fish. You can catch almost all Dutch freshwater fish species at Resort de Arendshorst. Common fish on the Vecht are bream, ide, rudd, perch and carp. The Overijsselse Vecht is popular with whitefishers and fly fishermen because of the sometimes extremely good catches and for example the beautiful ides that can be caught there (especially in the spring). Also excellent bream catches are among the possibilities. Furthermore, eels, pike-perchs and increasingly more asps are caught in the Vecht. Many fishermen, including some very famous, have visited Resort de Arendshorst. Vis-TV has also been our guest. On our website you will regularly find new catch reports, photos and articles about fishing at Resort de Arendshorst.

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Fishing with the Feeder

Very popular and effective is fishing with the feeder rod. You do not need extremely heavy feeders. A medium feeder and even light pickers are excellent in most cases. Depending on the strength of the flow, different types of feeder are used. Often people fish at a distances of 15 to 25 meters from the shore with maggots, casters pellets and corn. Especially the fishing with corn in combination with a spod mix in the basket is often very effective. It is mainly large bream, rudd and ide caught with the feeder but very regularly there are by-catches of (large) pike and carp.