Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2018-12-07T12:57:21+00:00

General emergency number: 112
Doctor:            0900 333 6333
Fire brigade:    038 42 11 111
Police:             0900 88 44


If assistance with immediate urgency is necessary, always call reception +31 529 – 453248 or you can report outside the opening hours via the intercom (left next to the reception door). We are always at your side and ensure that the necessary services are called. Under these circumstances, we can be reached 24 hours  a day. For other non-urgent consultations you can consult the central doctor service from 08.30 – 17.00 hrs and at the weekend telephone 0900 – 333 6 333.

Barbecues and open fire2019-09-12T13:02:12+00:00

Barbecuing is only permitted with gas BBQ’s. Gas BBQ’s are available for rent at the reception. Barbecuing with open fire, charcoal fires, fire pits, torches, bonfires, etc. are not permitted due to the risk of fire.


It is permitted to park your car at your camping pitch, at the appropriate location.

 Up to 1 car per designated place.
The maximum speed at the campsite is 5 km / h.

If you have a 2nd car (or more) or a trailer, it will have to be placed on the parking lot at the parking fee. If you have a camper, you can load and unload with a car and then park it in the parking lot.

Vans / Minivans2019-09-11T13:10:00+00:00

Vans or minivans are not allowed and will have to be placed on the parking lot. Loading and unloading is no problem. People with an invalid parking permit can be exempted from this. Please mention this in advance (when booking).


You as our guest are responsible for your day time visitors. Please ensure that they report at the reception upon arrival.  Daytime visitors are welcome from 09:00 to 22:30.


You can borrow books from our library through the reception. There are no costs associated with this. You can find the library at the back of our restaurant. Borrowed books must be returned before departure.


A € 50 deposit will be charged for the barrier key (sepkey). For a second sanitary card we charge € 10, – deposit. Camping guests will receive the deposit back when they return the card (s) on departure. When you stay in one of our Bungavans or in the Farmhouse, there is also a deposit for the accomodation of € 100, -. If you leave the Bungavan / Farmhouse neatly and have handed in the barrier key again, the total deposit amount (€ 150, -) will be transferred to your account after a week. You will be notified by us when it is back on your account.

Boats / Dinghies2019-09-11T13:14:23+00:00

All boats and dinghies must be moored at one of the two jetties. It is not permitted to store boats in or at the Bungalows/caravans.


Freshly baked bread can be picked up daily in the shop kiosk. Every day (depending on the season) we bake fresh bread, kaiser rolls, croissants, baguettes, etc. You can order your bread the evening before (before 19.00) via an order form. The order forms are available at the reception and in the restaurant.

Chemical toilet2019-09-11T13:15:51+00:00

It is strictly forbidden to use our toilets for emptying a chemical toilet. Chemical substances from your mobile toilet lead to skin irritations. You can empty your chemical toilet at both sanitary buildings in the designated chemical landfill sites.

Warm water2019-09-11T13:18:46+00:00

Showering and other facilities on hot water function using the sep card. The Sep-key can be charged at the reception and counts down during the use of hot water.


The use of drugs / narcotics is strictly prohibited!

Cleaning Bungavan/Farmhouse2019-09-11T13:19:31+00:00

We try to keep out costs / accommodation prices as low as possible and in order to do this we ask you kindly to do the following when vacating your Bungavan:

  • Strip the beds
  • Leave bedding and towels in two separate piles (wet and dry) in the bathroom
  • All plates / pots and pans / cooking utensils should be clean and tidied away
  • The Bungavan is sweep clean
  • Report any damage to reception
  • If you do not have time or if you would like us to do this for you the cost will be € 50.00

There are places without electricity, with 6A electricity (Comfort) or with 10A electricity (Comfort Plus). Overloading electricity: That the electricity accidentally fails once can happen. If (due to overload) power often fails, we are forced to charge you € 2.50 administration costs. Power outages will not be resolved between 11 pm and 8 am.

Bicycle path2019-09-11T13:17:24+00:00

There are also various bicycle routes available at the reception. In 2011 a new cycle path was constructed from Ommen to Dalfsen. This bike path is 200 meters from Resort de Arendshorst and gives you the opportunity to cycle to Ommen or Dalfsen. You then cycle straight through the fields and through a very wooded area.

Bike rental2019-09-11T13:16:49+00:00

You can rent bicycles at the reception (including children’s bicycles). A perfect bike with gears and possibly a child seat. In high season it is wise to discuss this in advance.


Is your dog on holiday? Report this when booking. We do our best to continue welcoming families with a dog. This is only possible if you keep your dog always on a leash, leave outside the area and clean up droppings immediately (also along the access road and bicycle path). It is not allowed to place a fence near a Bungavan or on a camping pitch or to demarcate a piece for the dog in any other way.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the site. Here you can make free and unlimited use.


Only with camping equipment that is primarily intended for this purpose. The use of Party tents or similar is not permitted. Dense groundsheet in the awning or canopy is forbidden, this is harmful to the grass. The camping equipment must be left clean. Any damage to the camping pitch will be recovered from the camper.

Canoe rental2019-09-11T13:05:54+00:00

At the reception it is possible to rent canoes. There are also several canoe routes available.

Paddling pool2019-09-11T13:05:34+00:00

The paddling pool is only for our smallest guests. In good weather the pool is open from 11.00 – 19.00. In the context of the safety of your children, only allowed under parental supervision. There are two water levels: 15 and 30 cm. Glass and alcohol are not allowed at the pool. Entering and using the swimming pool is entirely at your own risk.

Restaurant / terrace2019-09-11T13:05:03+00:00

In our restaurant or on the pleasant terrace with a beautiful view you can order a cup of coffee, a drink, an ice cream, various kinds of snacks or a complete meal. You can also order food to take to your camping pitch. Depending on the busy season and season, opening times may vary. For the current opening times of the restaurant, see the sign at the entrance.


Our reception is open daily from 9.00 – 17.00. Upon arrival, you register at the reception to register. Besides the registration and cancellation, you can also contact our reception for detailed tourist information about the region, hiking maps, cycle routes etc. and of course all your questions. Upon arrival there is an information package for all guests. Visitors are also required to report to the reception. Accessibility of the reception in the winter: Mon / Sat from 10 am to 1 pm.

River Vecht2019-09-11T13:02:53+00:00

Resort de Arendshorst is located directly on the Vecht. In the Vecht you can fish, swim and sail very well. Pay attention to your little ones. It is not allowed to leave your tables, chairs etc. at the end of the day along the Vecht.


Smoking is prohibited in all our buildings (reception, shopping kiosk, living room restaurant, sanitary buildings).


The sanitary buildings are centrally located and are cleaned several times a day. If you still encounter something that is not in order, let us know immediately. The sanitary buildings are equipped with showers, toilets, washing dishes, laundry (including tumble dryer and ironing board) and a landfill for your chemical toilet. Children up to 6 years of age only accompanied by one of the parents. It is not allowed to wear clogs in the sanitary buildings.


Resort de Arendshorst is not liable for the loss or damage to goods belonging to campers and visitors.

Sep card2019-09-11T13:01:04+00:00

A sep card is used at Resort de Arendshorst. This is a magnetic card that can be used to open the barrier and when using hot water and showering. At check-in you will receive this card and a € 50.00 deposit will be charged. During your stay you can top up the card at the reception. You will receive a refund of any leftover on departure. If you lose a sep card or destroy it, the deposit will be retained.


The barrier works from 08.00 – 22.00 using your card (available at the reception). After use, a waiting time of 30 minutes always applies where you can not drive in or out with the car. You can not enter or leave the campsite between 22.00 and 08.00 by car. If you come back later than 10 p.m., you must respect the night rest of the other campers and park your car in the parking lot. For safety reasons it is not allowed to continue under the barrier.


At the sports field of the campsite a beach has been created so that our guests can easily enter and exit the Vecht. You can not fish from this beach. Fishermen and swimmers should take each other into account.


There are 2 jetties to build your boat and 1 for the swimming enthusiasts (with a separate swimming ladder). You can not fish from these jetties. Fishermen and swimmers should take each other into account.


At the entrance there is an extensive play castle “de Arendshorst”. The use of playground equipment is entirely at your own risk.


French fries, snacks, etc. to take away can be ordered through the restaurant Depending on crowds and season, opening times may vary. For the current opening times of the restaurant, see the sign at the entrance.


At the reception you can reserve a time between 09:00 and 20:00 (washing (including washing powder) – € 6,00, drying – € 4,00, washing / drying (including washing powder) – € 11,00). There is a clear manual for both the dryer and the washing machine. In order to preserve the beautiful “view” on the campsite, we ask you to hang your laundry from view. It is not allowed to hang washing lines on trees or shrubs.

Water tap2019-09-11T12:56:07+00:00

Each pitch has its own water tap and waste water well. The water points on the site can only be used to tap water. The water on your camping pitch can not be washed for your caravan or car.

Shopping kiosk2019-09-11T12:55:49+00:00

The shopping kiosk is open daily from 09.00 to 10.00 and from 16.30 to 17.30. In the kiosk you can find newspapers, groceries, dairy, soft drinks, meat products, gas bottles and fish products. You can also pick up your ordered bread in the morning. Depending on the busy season and season, opening times may vary. For the current opening times of the restaurant, see the sign at the entrance.

Inventory Bungalows2019-09-12T12:49:30+00:00

The Bungavans are decorated differently, but all have the following inventory: crockery (plates, glasses, cups, etc.), cutlery, pans, coffee maker (filter & Senseo), kettle and fridge. Furthermore, all Bungavans have a shed that can be locked for fishing gear or bicycles, for example.

Bed and bath linen set2019-09-12T12:49:16+00:00

If you have reserved a Bungavan, there is a bed and bath linen set for each person. This package consists of the bedding (pillowcase and duvet cover), large bath towel, small bath towel, tea towel and kitchen towel. Pillows and comforters are available.

Group camping2019-09-12T12:48:29+00:00

Camping with large groups or families is only possible after consultation.

Gas bottles2019-09-12T12:48:06+00:00

Gas bottles are available in the store kiosk. For changing gas bottles you can also go to the reception outside the opening hours of the store kiosk.