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Tips for fishing the Vecht

Fishing tips

Written by one of our regular guests

These tips are meant for people who do not or have never  fished the  river Vecht. Many of our visitors  who come often only fish in stagnant water,  usually a canal or pond with their near and fish often wrong on the Vecht. Thereby catches are often disappointing example If I stand behind someone and he or she throws his food or basket in the water and I had an orange or yellow spot on the surface see. Then you never feed on the bottom, because the river Vecht in the middle average 3.5 meters deep and almost always flowing and you run before the basket hit the bottom already in the basket and then get taken along by the current.

  • Provide good heavy feed, if necessary sticky and heavy with, for example, Ttx corn, cornstarch or cornflour and / or keizelsteentjes remains the feed seated in the basket and on the bottom. As it flows every quarter or a basket ball feed can flow brengen.De Fight hard, use feeders with anchors at least 60 grams to 100 grams. Take your basket so heavy that it remains after the ball on the spot otherwise expresses the flow after the feed out of your basket is the basket with the bait diagonally to the side and is your cage with bait no longer in the feed track where fish preys.
  • Most fish are caught a few meters from the road. The more people come to the water, the more vibrations in the water and the site owner also meet regularly with a golf cart ride along this also causes vibrations.
  • So most fish flight to the other side, feeders from 3,90m weight 110g. When running inside of the basket or with a fish, the rod the last 5m uphold otherwise you will be stuck between the stones that have gone through far underwater.
  • The best results for bream has been used with the method, heavy baits, boilies Sonubaits Tutti Frutti are often good, but everyone has their own preference. In the spring to do some manure or corn piers often also okay.
  • For roach fishing with the feeder or picker must be heavy groundbait example The use of Eynde Turbo, and maggots and casters or as bait. Fortunately, the exotic gobies in the Fight not to.
  • Fishing with the pole from the jetty at least 6m or more. From the side 9m or longer because the stone walk far into the water and still is stuck with a short stick.
  • If the Vecht flowing so fast that the water roars through, the only way the fish with the pole with a feeder or method from the dock or the side, one fishing than on top, for example, from the jetty, fishing pole 6m with elastic at the top, 5m cord and, and at the end of the summit to the right throw and the basket with the current basket of 40 g remains are nice. If it so hard to flow the fish stand more on the side because it flows more slowly, so they do not need so far as to throw in

Important tip

From April to September there are many Ommen rented motor boats along these boats often sail a few meters from the shore. Often it go through your cord, and in the worst case, your fishing line into the water and you lose your stuff, just the boats sail by and deaf blame you. One way to prevent this is your feeder or picker top where the shore and the water touching each other, to adjust the shore line so, approx.10 on a 20 cm height above this line. Your line then runs directly from the side already under water and the chance that your line then enters the boat’s engine is much smaller.

Fishing for predator

The file to perch at this property is virtually nil. The pike position is very good, there are controlled from the campsite pike # 1’m caught. The best chance one has a private boat because then a larger area can fish off, my biggest pike was 117cm from the boat .. Plugs example Screaming Devil, Bull Dawn, rubber lures and jerkbaits are good, but also large Mepps spinners they been been way back from road. The best bowling can be the riparian zone fishing with lures, the weirs in the river Vecht and Regge are also good for fishing for predators but think of the legally required distance from a shore job, because the control is strict!

I hope you take advantage of the tips, and catch the MEGA bream and pike.

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